On April 5, nine students from Community Prep School and two students from Landmark Community School ventured to Cabo San Lucas for a Service Learning Project. This was the first trip abroad for many of our students, and even the first plane ride for a couple.

During our six days in Mexico, students volunteered at area churches and orphanages, donating their time to complete projects and spend time with the local children. We completed several art projects (including playing with clay and making God’s eyes), playing soccer, playing kick ball, completing obstacle courses, and even skateboarding. We served lunch and made balloons for the kids.

We visited the desalination plant at Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas, where we learned how sea water is turned into drinking water. The plant we saw produces 135,000 gallons of drinking water per day! This plant is only one of many throughout the region and we were extremely fortunate to see the behind the scenes of the entire process. The students were very engaged during the tour and asked amazing questions.

On the Sunday of our trip, we visited a church located deep in the barrio, hidden in a maze of dirt roads. While here, we listened to the music, played with the children, and were told redemption story of a man who had a near death experience from an overdose. He expressed his new found commitment to life and sobriety – it was extremely powerful.

During our down time, we visited several local beaches, took in the local culture, and ate AMAZING food (the overall winners of best food was Asi y Asado and Taqueria Rossy’s)! While on our visit to Playa de Tule, several students attempted surfing (a couple almost stood up on the board!) and we even saw a couple of whales breaching just off the coast! Later on our trip, we took a boat ride into the bay to the Arch of Cabo San Lucas (locally known as El Arco), where we saw seals and beautiful hidden beaches. On this trip, several students snorkeled and saw amazing, colorful fish. Several students also partook in ichthyotherapy on one of our evening adventures through the marina shopping area.

We returned to Colorado on April 10, tired, but fulfilled and grateful. Overall, the trip was a wonderful experience, rich in adventure, immersion, fun times, and fabulous food.

 It was a once in a life time experience! I learned a lot about the culture and had a great time hanging out with the kids. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the city. I loved the food and want to go back! LCS Student, Jack

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