Landmark Community School Staff

Leslie Patterson, MA,Counseling, CACII candidate
Landmark Community School Director

I began my career in special education, then transitioned into counseling. My passion lies as a student advocate – helping them find alternatives to traditional learning. I guide them on a journey that they define.

Greg Cope, PhD
Curriculum Coordinator

Greg Cope is a career educator with over 30 years in non-public and public education and has helped establish four schools. He has 20+ years teaching in undergraduate and graduate levels. An experienced-based educator, Greg created a learning system called The Scholar Model: a brain-based, performance based, problem-based learning system used at Landmark Community School.  He has a passion for inventing and building musical instruments designed for making musical experiences accessible for more people. His personal mission: discovering purpose and meaning with lives to shape the future.

Martin Schneider, MA
Community Prep School Director

Abbey Banta, CAC Candidate

I am constantly in pursuit of building strong relationships with students, furthering my understanding of them in an authentic way, and finding meaning and purpose in each moment.

Ron Banta, BA, CAC candidate
Social Studies

Mark Benning, CAC candidate, music promoter
Project Based Learning

Amy Blackshear, Certified Art & Play Therapist

Ms. Blackshear has taught art to K-12 students for 15 years. A certified art therapist, Amy now incorporates a therapeutic approach with at-risk teens through intuitive painting and mixed media encounter classes. She is very excited about helping teens overcoming addiction to create a “Constellation of Support” and enhance their recovery through art-making.

Kevin Ewing, MA

Before teaching, my career was serving in the Air Force as a combat search and rescue pilot, special operations pilot, and helicopter test pilot. I have a couple of degrees in mathematics—I love the mental challenges and thought processes inherent in math and find great satisfaction in helping students improve their thinking skills, gain self esteem through mastery, and discover their sense of purpose.

Allen Mauer, MS, PhD candidate

I have great faith in the power of education. My hope is that students will find value in knowledge and enjoy the opportunities that it brings.

Charlotte Miller, MA
Community Art Project

Art has always been part of my life with an interest in creating found object art and teaching art.  I’ve been teaching art since 1990.  Over the course of my teaching career I developed a studio art curriculum with new courses at a private high school in Virginia.  After moving to Colorado Springs in 2005 I became the lead art teacher at a K – 8 charter school developing a strong art integration program.  In 2014, I became a technical and creative art teacher at Community Prep School instructing not just art but bringing my passion for bicycling into the learning bike shop.  I’m excited to be a part of the Landmark Community School staff and look forward to bringing my multiple talents to enrich Landmark Community School.

Heather Phillips, MA, M.Ed., LPC, CAC III

Heather has worked in the mental health and addiction treatment profession since 2005. She has worked in a broad array of settings such as residential treatment, criminal justice environments, as well as in educational institutions. But above all else, Heather is passionate about helping adolescents and families suffering from addiction. She believes that helping youth begins with building a strong school support system, mentors, and community involvement. Heather is excited to support the students at Landmark High School, not only in their educational pursuits, but in their process of recovery from substance abuse.

Raj Solanki, Literacy and Humanities Lead Teacher

Raj Solanki holds a Bachelors degree in English Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara as well as a Masters in Teaching from Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. He is highly qualified as a secondary English and Social Studies teacher. Raj has experience teaching in a variety of school settings from a K-12 free school to a traditional public high school. A passion for mentoring young people into an understanding of their own unique interests, gifts and genius guides Raj’s every interaction with students, and he has had the opportunity to share not only his love for literature and the social sciences with young people, but also his love for music and self-development.