Earning Credits at Landmark Community School

Landmark Community School’s alternative education programming offers innovative, non-traditional approaches such as credit recovery, a self paced method of learning that is individualized and has a real world focus. From community projects to TECHlist computer skills assignments, LCS’s courses center on skills that students will encounter in the post high school world.

LCS requires 40 credits for graduation, and accepts many credits already earned at other schools.

The credits required are:

  • 5 English courses
  • 5 Math courses
  • 5 Social Studies courses
  • 5 Science courses
  • 20 Credits in various subjects including-
    • ICAP
    • Concurrent Enrollment
    • Volunteering
    • Community Projects
    • TECHlist
    • Technical Arts
    • Creative Arts
    • Physical Education

Classes at LCS vary from tutoring to classroom based and contain face to face components rather than exclusive online instruction- the whole student focus at LCS requires regular interactions to ensure students stay focused and on course and always know that they are receiving the best support LCS has to offer.